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January 2022

Stay tuned for what is coming up in January!

  • The Great Deception - Sermon Series by Pastor Brad. Our enemy is the father of lies, he is the master deceiver. And he feeds us deceptive ideas that play into our disorder desires (the flesh), which become normalized in society.
  • January 15th Tools for Today Seminar where we will gain wisdom and insight on the topics of technology and mental health. Join our guest speakers as the bring us valuable tools for today!  Please INVITE as many people as you can! This is a "NO MISS" seminar!
  • January 16th Connected 3-D Campaign Launch by our  Faith@Home Team - a church-wide focus designed to challenge families to utilize technology in a God-honoring way.
  • January 28th - 30th Marked Men for Christ Retreat - for more information and to register -
  • Fresh Hope for Mental Health Support Group begins on Mondays for those dealing with mental health or those who have loved ones who are dealing with mental health. More information coming soon!
  • We Believe! Prayer Meeting (based out of John 7:38) 6-7pm: Individual Prayer as we practice flowing with the Spirit in solitude and sharpening out listening skills; 7-8pm: Corporate Prayer facilitated by Pastor Kris - we will practice flowing together in unity as we pray for one another's needs, and specific topics.

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God designed the family as the primary place for faith and character formation. We seek to inspire, equip and assist you to become intentional about building a God-honoring home one step at a time. Go to our Faith@Home page to find out more. Also stop by our Faith@Home Resource Center at church. 

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a call to prayer

The Evangelical Covenant Church denomination is in a season of prayer and discernment. In this season we are electing numerous new denominational and regional Covenant leaders, The ECC is inviting the church to gather together to fast and pray each Monday. Starting on November 1st. We will be fasting and praying all the way through to our annual meeting - Gather '22, which is next June.