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What Does the Covenant Church Believe? ~A Brief Look at Covenant Affirmations

For Covenant people, our essential beliefs are summed up in what we call Covenant Affirmations


The Centrality of the Word of God

The Covenant Church states its view of Scripture as follows: “the Holy Scripture, the Old and the New Testament, is the Word of God and the only perfect rule for faith, doctrine, and conduct.”


The Necessity of the New Birth
When the Covenant Church affirms that it is evangelical; it proclaims that the new birth in Jesus Christ is essential. We teach that “by the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, God conquered sin, death, and the devil, offering forgiveness for sin and assuring eternal life for those who follow Christ.”4 New birth is more than the experience of forgiveness and acceptance. It is regeneration and the gift of eternal life. This life has the qualities of love and righteousness as well as joy and peace. 


A Commitment to the Whole Mission of the Church
The Covenant Church has always been characterized by its involvement in mission. The earliest name attributed to Covenanters was “Mission Friends,” people who covenanted together for the purpose of common mission both far and near. They understood the work of mission to be evangelism and Christian formation, as well as the benevolent ministries of compassion and justice in the face of suffering and oppression. 


The Church as a Fellowship of Believers
Martin Luther saw the ideal church as a gathering of those who confess faith in Jesus Christ, committing themselves to each other, and submitting to no authority other than Jesus Christ, the Lord of the church. The Covenant Church seeks to realize the value of this ideal.


A Conscious Dependence on the Holy Spirit
The Covenant Church, rooted in historic Christianity, affirms one God as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit continues the creative work of the Father and the redeeming work of the Son within the life of the church. It is for this reason the Covenant Church has emphasized the continuing work of the Spirit. 


The Reality of Freedom in Christ
The Covenant Church seeks to focus on what unites followers of Jesus Christ rather than what separates them. The center of our commitment is a clear faith in Jesus Christ. The centrality of the word of God, the necessity of the new birth, a commitment to the whole mission of the church, the church as a fellowship of believers, and a conscious dependence of the Holy Spirit form the parameters in which freedom is experienced. Here followers of Christ find the security to offer freedom to one another on issues that might otherwise divide.