march 15

Social Media Madness. Leverage it well.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, etc…Some of these giants are here to stay and others will come and go. Social media, through various routes, is not going away anytime soon. We do not need to fear these different avenues of technology connection, but we do need to understand them so that we can help deepen internal values and develop external boundaries for ourselves and our families.

There are lots of ways that social media can be used for good. I can publicly encourage my spouse, celebrate a child’s accomplishment, spiritually invest in a friend across the world, and even help link others to great resources for growth. Social media, and most other technology components, can be leveraged for good or for harm. Let’s make sure we are informed and also make sure we know how to use these in a God-honoring way if they are going to be in our homes.

First, watch this funny video about social media HERE

Then, click HERE  for tips from Common Sense Media on how to keep your information private on social media.

March 8

Video Games, Gamers, and Guarding your Family

Are you concerned with the amount of video games that are played by those in your home? The types of games played? Who the games are played against? The purpose of the post this week is to provide your family with some helpful suggestions and guidelines with video games.

Not all games are cause of concern. In fact, many families have learned to set healthy boundaries in regards to time spent on games and even found great ways to engage in playing games together. Dave Eisenmann provides some insight on how to avoid violent video games. Dave Eisenmann


Have good conversation with any gamer in your home. Make sure there are clear boundaries and that there is common agreement of how to disconnect from their gaming devices to connect in the real world. This is a great time to evaluate your own habits as you are modeling those habits for others in your home.

march 1

Screen Free Week

Here’s an idea of something to give up for Lent as a family: March 2-9 could be a Screen Free Week! This means no screens for entertainment for a week. Will it be a challenge? You better believe it. Could it be very rewarding for your family? Absolutely.

We all need to detox from our devices at times and this is a great time to do that as we begin to focus on Easter. Take the pledge and the plunge as a family. Get outside, play games together, create, read, get active.

For more on Screen Free Week and some helpful resources and ideas click HERE (link to

Going Further

As your family discusses having some “screen-free” time this next week, talk about the fun things you can do as a family without devices.  

february 22

How to Raise Tech-Healthy Kids, and Be Tech-Healthy Adults

Tablets, smartphones, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube and more... technology is a central part of people’s lives today. Keeping up can be challenging, but a positive and well-informed approach can have a big impact on a child’s future and in creating new habits that lead to digitally healthy individuals.

In this EDTalk, Dave Eisenmann teaches simple tips to help both kids and adults balance the use of technology in our lives. This EDTalk was recorded in front of a live audience at Icehouse in Minneapolis on January 13, 2020. EDTalk

february 15

When to talk to your kids about internet porn? Sooner than you think!

How have you responded? How are you going to respond? According to the stats, most of us will have to navigate through the reality of a child accessing pornographic images and/or videos on a device that we have brought to the home or given them access to. What are you going to do when that occurs?

Pornography is unfortunately easier to find and access than ever before and we need to protect those that we love.

Video from Covenant Eyes: Prepare and Protect Your Children from Pornography:

Filters and Restrictions for internet:

  • OpenDNS
  • Covenant Eyes
  • Net Nanny


  1. Pray that God would protect your home from the harmful effects of porn.
  2. Read through the guide and prepare yourself for conversations that need to take place.
  3. If your child is mature enough, have some very intentional conversations about pornography and internal values that will protect you.

February 8

Family tips for wisdom with technology

Have you ever asked yourself any of the following questions:

  • How do I help my child with cyber-bullying?
  • How should I evaluate websites, games, movies, apps, etc.?
  • What is good online security?
  • How should I monitor social media posts?

Check out Common Sense Media HERE   or for expert reviews, objective advice, helpful tools, and so much more.

February 1

Technology Guide:

We are challenging Crossroads Church families to use technology in a God-honoring way. It is difficult to do that if we do not understand the devices that are in our homes or the ones that our children desire. Therefore, we want to equip you with how to set limits and boundaries right on your devices.

We want you to have full understandings of how to make those devices as safe as possible for your home. Visual learning more your style? Email Jen Olson at to sign up for a demonstration and in person help to set up these tools on Feb. 6, 2022 right after the church service.

Apple Settings for boundaries: Apple  and Apple

MAC Screen Time boundaries: MAC

Android device boundary settings: Andrioid Devices  and Android Devices

January 25

Using Technology in a God-honoring way.

The past two weekends at Crossroads Church we launched our Connected 3D Campaign. Click HERE to watch the Jan. 16th service if you were unable to join us. For info on the Connected3D Campaign go to the 1 hr and 14 min point in the video.  The main focus of this campaign is for individuals and families to use technology in a God-honoring way. Pastor Brad did a great job explaining our Connected 3D kit. If you were not able to pick one up this past weekend and would like an envelope, visit our F@H Resource Center in the Gathering Place.

Connected3D Prayer: Stop whatever you are doing right now to spend a few moments in prayer for yourself and your family using the following...

  • DISCONNECT TO CONNECT: “Lord, help me to recognize when to put my device away and connect with You and with those closest to me.”
  • DEEPEN INTERNAL VALUES: “Lord, I choose to honor you with how I use all areas of technology.”
  • DEVELOP EXTERNAL BOUNDARIES: “God I will not allow technology to be used in an unhealthy way by myself or my family. Help us to create some new boundaries in our home that are appropriate for our family.”

Over the next 8 weeks we will have updates with resources, tips and encouragement. We hope they will help you and your family to replace virtual connection with real connection to God and each other. To receive a weekly reminder via text message ...

Text: Connected3D

To: 94000

Here are a couple of videos on creating healthy tech habits - Healthy Tech Habits