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God's Word: Why Knowing the Written Word Matters 9/16/18 SERIES God's Word: Why Knowing the Written Word Matters 9/16/18

Pastor Patty. The Word of God Powerfully transforms people and…

Provides Unity 9/9/18 SERIES Provides Unity 9/9/18

Pastor Brad. The Holy Spirit dwells in and thru us, empowering…

Unlimited Source 9/2/18 SERIES Unlimited Source 9/2/18

Pator Brad. Spiritual Gifts to serve/edify others and glorify…

And His Gifts-part two 8/26/18 SERIES And His Gifts-part two 8/26/18

Pastor Brad. The Holy Spirit gives each of us a gift(s) to build…


Core Values 9/16/18

God's Word, Love,
Fellowship, Spirit-Led,
Prayer & Worship, Going.

Holy Spirit: Unlimited Source Series 7/8/18

Holy Spirit: Our advocate to listen, respond and obey the Lord.

Baptism Sunday 7/29/18

We die with Christ crucified and rise with Him, a new person. Christ living in us and we in Him.

A Planting of the Lord 6/10/18

Our choices impact intersections of lives.

Healthy Church 5/6/18

Study to know the Lord, then connect and encounter Him. Do it well bringing glory to the Father.

Faith: To Stop and Rest 4/22/18

Walking in faith is based on knowledge: Stop, rest and abide in Him on the Sabbath. Live the Kingdom, bring the glory to God.

Discover the Truth 4/8/18

There is only one Truth!

Easter-Because He Lives!

Crucifixion and Resurrection go hand in hand.

Nehemiah-Repairing the Walls Series1/7/18

Brad refers to Gods hand in the fall and rebuilding of Jerusalem as we move forward here at Crossroads.

When Grace Moved In 12/3/17 Series

Brad speaks of the fullness of Christ's grace and how it transforms us.

The Truth about Thanksgiving11/26/17

Patty reminds us to offer praise and worship as thanksgiving to God for our many blessing, especially for our freedom to worship Him.

Holy Spirit: His Activities, 11/19/17

Duane Habel dialogues the movement of the Holy Spirit emphasizing the importance of our intersession.

Looking Homeward

Pastor Patty distinguishes between Heaven and the New Jerusalem.

Godly Living

Erik Jacobson convicts us all as he reviews Eph.5.

Flowing in the River of God

Pastor Patty uncovers the symbolism in the River of Life flowing fourth from the throne of God.

Authentic Fellowship

Roger Pickering exhorts the body's ministry and apostolic gifts and unwraps our potential for unity and growth through authentic fellowship

Prayer: A Force to be Reckoned With

Pastor Patty emphasizes the purpose of fellowship with God and declares our assignment as prayer warriors.

Seeds of Life,

John Meader illustrates the Parable of the Sower through true life experiences.

Foundations in Faith

Pat Tuomala reminds us, our God dwells among us, and encourages us to renew our identity in Christ.

Words of Wisdom from James the Just

Pastor Patty walks us through the book of James

Pastor Marc Video 7.17.2017


Summer 2017 Messages

A series of stand alone messages for the summer of 2017

Spring 2017 Messages

A series of stand alone messages for Spring 2017

Messages for Lent

A series of messages leading up to Easter

Revive I-35

Pastor Marc discusses upcoming plans for this evangelism outreach.

Winter 2017 Messages

A collection of stand-alone messages – Winter 2017.

Advent Messages 2016

Messages for the Christmas season

Fall 2016 Messages

A collection of stand-alone messages – late fall of 2016.

Lighthouse Series


Weird-The Strangest Stories in the Bible

The sermons in this series will mesh with the 4-6th grade summer children's Bible fellowship

Individual Messages

Individual Messages.

The Cross of Christ

Examining the Cross and it's effects.

A Star is Born

Something spectacular happened that first Christmas. Jesus entered our world to change how we live. Have you met this Jesus?

Have you let

Christ is our CEO

A review of the current, Christ-centered vision of Crossroads Church.

Gracious Conviction - Daniel

The book of Daniel reveals the grace and conviction of Daniel and his contemporaries in a pagan culture.

September Messages

A collection of stand-alone messages brought by Pastor Marc during September of 2015.

Heroes of Faith

Series examines the lives of select bible figures to ascertain the qualities that made them so powerfully used by God

Hope - The Full Armor of God

Message given by Jason Luebke.